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Funding Opportunities for Medical Education Grants

Healthcare providers at a medical educational event


Boehringer Ingelheim is proud to provide grants for educational activities for healthcare professionals and the scientific community in order to benefit the public and improve patient health.

There are two types of funding opportunities available for medical education.

Independent Medical Education Grants (IME)

Independent Medical Education (IME) is an independent, bona-fide (ie legitimate activity meeting a validated educational need) accredited or non-accredited, non-promotional and non-product specific medial educational activity. Boehringer Ingelheim may provide IME grants but its scientific program, speakers and content are always decided independently from the industry. The audience is identified and invited by the organizer and not Boehringer Ingelheim.

Collaborative Partnership Grant (CPG)

A Collaborative Partnership is an agreement within which two or more key stakeholders work together towards mutually established goals to advance science, patient care, animal care, animal wellbeing, food safety and/or development of scientific or educations methodologies, techniques and information. Contributions to the Collaborative Partnership can be financial funding or non-financial support.