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Funding Opportunities for Collaborative Partnership Grant (CPG)

Healthcare professionals shaking hands in a collaborative setting


A Collaborative Partnership must serve the ultimate purpose of improving patient and public health and welfare but will generally have no immediate direct benefit to Boehringer Ingelheim´s business objectives, and must not serve a specific Boehringer Ingelheim commercial promotional purpose (e.g. advertising opportunities). Boehringer Ingelheim cannot solely and disproportionately influence outcomes or hold the External Funding Recipient accountable for achieving a specific outcome (as would be the case in fee-for-service arrangements).In general, Boehringer Ingelheim may not request to be the sole funder of an External Funding Recipient or any of its major programs.

Examples of Collaborative Partnerships are:

  • Grants to professional/scientific societies
  • Grants to (university) hospitals, clinics or other healthcare organizations.
  • Grants to improve “time to treatment” or “access to treatment”

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